The Value of Advice

Our service is holistic, highly coordinated and integrated but most importantly, personal.


APC is a premium wealth management firm founded in 1988 and licensed to provide wealth management solutions exclusively to individuals and family groups throughout Australia and abroad. Our Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence affords us complete autonomy to act in the best interests of our clients ensuring our service is uncompromised and free from conflicts of interest.

APC helps our clients to build, manage, protect and bequeath wealth in order to achieve their financial, lifestyle and estate objectives. We provide a rational framework that helps clients make informed and considered decisions concerning financial strategy, investment and lifestyle choices.

Our evolution and experience reflects an abiding belief in long term planning, strategy and the efficacy of capital markets. Our firm designs strategic plans and portfolios to help our clients capture the advantages of varying financial strategies coupled with what the market offers in all its dimensions.

We see markets as an ally, not an adversary, and we take advantage of the way markets compensate investors. We help clients manage their financial resources to achieve ongoing financial and personal wellbeing.



APC is licensed to provide strategic advice and investment advice. We are privately owned and have no ownership affiliation with any other firm, bank or insurance company. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and integrity to ensure that our clients’ interests are always placed first.

Professional “Fee Based Services”

APC is a professional fee based firm and provides transparent fee based advice. Our advisers are remunerated by salary (not commission) ensuring you receive uncompromised advice and investment recommendations tailored to achieve your personal goals and priorities. We provide a holistic and proactive service to ensure that your wealth management continues to incorporate ongoing change and remains relevant to your future needs.

Strategic Experts

An important area of our expertise is the formulation of strategic advice for our clients. The areas of advice that we provide include superannuation, taxation, debt, wealth protection and retirement strategies. By utilising appropriate strategies you can more effectively plan to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

Enhanced Asset Class Investment Management

Asset allocation is the most important determinant of investment performance. APC applies global research and proven academic rigour to portfolio engineering and management. APC enhances the standard approach to asset allocation (cash, fixed interest, shares and property) by overlaying a second dimension across Australian and International shares through tilts to Large, Small and Value companies. This approach should over time be able to enhance and capture further performance value for our clients.

Comprehensive Goals Based Framework

APC models your personal wealth scenario incorporating all of your financial resources, advice and investment strategies. Our advice framework provides a focus on areas you can control, rather than what you can’t control. It provides clarity and confidence that you can achieve your personal goals and objectives.

Our modelling incorporates:

  1. Your future goals and objectives.
  2. Your available financial resources.
  3. Strategies to help achieve your future objectives.

Scenario modelling makes it easier to make decisions across all aspects of personal wealth management e.g. Lifestyle, Asset Allocation, Risk and Return and Protection decisions. Also, our modelling makes it easier to manage trade off decisions that may be required as circumstances change throughout the financial journey.

Professional Collaboration

APC works proactively with your existing professional advisers in the areas of Legal, Accounting, Stock Broking and Insurance to ensure that your wealth management needs are satisfied holistically and in a coordinated manner.

Proactive Ongoing Service

The APC service is proactive and ongoing specifically designed to regularly evaluate the appropriateness of your wealth management plan in the event of changing circumstances. Our service helps you to regularly benchmark your complete financial strategy and investment performance to measure its continued progress, relevance and appropriateness to your objectives.

Our Team