APC’s Family Advice offering

The wellbeing of those close to us and whom we love is naturally something that is important to us all. This can be no different in the financial sense. We understand that family, and family wellbeing, is an integral part of the lives of many of our clients. We therefore believe that our role extends to help family members of our clients to be in a better financial position and offer financial guidance and advice, where we can.

Our family advice offering recognises that objectives and needs can differ greatly at different stages of life. As such, our solutions focus on the primary concerns of both older and younger Australians. From the very first steps in the investment journey to navigating the complex and everchanging aged care landscape, APC can offer a solution that addresses the unique and specific needs at both ends of the spectrum.

Foundations client service

foundations client service

Helping you get on the right path

  • Goals & detailed cash flow modelling
  • Financial coaching
  • Timely strategic advice & implementation
  • Benchmarking agreed activities
Private client service

private client service

Clarity, Control & Confidence

  • Understanding key lifetime objectives
  • Managing cash flow and taxation
  • Optimal balance sheet structuring
  • Regular benchmarking of your strategy
  • Based on APC’s ‘9 Keys to Financial Independence’ methodology
Aged care client service

Aged care client service

A significant life transition

  • Strategy development
  • Estate Planning
  • Professional assistance with Aged Care facility choice
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