Ex-Pat Advice

It is APC’s experience that far too often, ex-pat Australians do not take full financial advantage from their time overseas. For many, they are not sure what the best strategies are to grow wealth tax effectively. Most ex-pats would acknowledge that remaining up to date with relevant information is very difficult when you live overseas.

Expatriate Australians can face a myriad of financial questions and challenges. In what can be a complex landscape, finding and working with specialist advisers will likely be the most important decision an ex-pat can make to help them achieve good financial outcomes. Through long term experience, APC understands the unique advice needs of ex-pats and is well positioned to assist in creating a sound financial strategy.

APC’s Ex-Pat Advice Service is built around our Private Client Service and our 9 Keys to Financial Independence.

In addition to applying this comprehensive advice approach, APC recognises there are several other key areas which ex-pats value further assistance with:

  1. The ability to collaborate closely with expatriate taxation specialists and other specialist advisers who are based in Australia as well as their current domicile. APC can facilitate access to the right advice around complicated issues regarding residency and tax.
  2. The development and implementation of considered and purpose-built investment solutions that work alongside the specific tax status of ex-pats.
  3. Regular provision of Australian expatriate specific information to ensure that those who are overseas remain connected and up to date on topics that are relevant to them.
  4. A single point of contact in Australia that can help to continue ‘manage things back home’.

Whether presently working or living abroad, considering a move or returning to Australia, APC is equipped to work with you in gaining clarity, control and confidence in your wealth management.

Please contact our office should you wish to learn more.

Property Law Changes

The Federal Government ‘5 year plan’ of tax changes for foreign and expat property investors and owners continues…

Affordability of housing, especially for first home buyers has long been on the agenda for both Federal and State Governments. It is a topic which concerns everyone, not only at, but particularly at Budget and election times.

You would have all heard discussions about negative gearing, generous capital gains tax concessions, deductions being claimed by landlords and of course the influx of foreign investors. All seeming to push prices to levels beyond the reach of the average aspiring homeowner.

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