9 Keys to Financial Independence9 Keys to Financial Independence

9 Keys to Financial Independence

Your financial life can be complex. Arranging your financial affairs in a coherent way can be challenging. APC has developed a methodical approach to help. We have identified 9 key areas which we can optimise so that you can achieve the best outcome possible.

Our approach encourages greater ‘clarity’ of thought and enhanced ‘control’ through informed decision making and leads to greater ‘confidence’ that you can achieve those goals important to you and your family.

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Family adviceFamily advice

Family advice

These days, if you’re a parent, you are not just thinking about your own finances, but also your children’s. Will they get the right job? Be able to buy their own home? These issues are front of mind. Equally you may be concerned for your own parents as in the future there may be a need for some form of aged care.

APC has developed a ‘Whole of Family’ advice offer which focuses on assisting your family members obtain the right advice at key moments in their lives.

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Ex-Pat AdviceEx-Pat Advice

Ex-Pat Advice

If you are an expatriate Australian living and working overseas, you likely have an opportunity to grow wealth at a faster rate than if you lived and worked in Australia, but it won’t happen by accident.

Having a coherent plan that clarifies how to optimise your opportunity is key to increased control of your own strategy and increased confidence that you will make the most of your time overseas.

APC’s Ex-Pat Advice service is designed to ensure you have up to date information about Australian tax, superannuation and property law which is relevant to your strategy.

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Ex-Pat AdviceEx-Pat Advice

Financial Wellbeing in the workplace

Attracting and keeping the right staff is a key objective of many business leaders. The cost to business of staff turnover or low engagement is well documented. What is becoming more understood is how higher levels of personal financial wellbeing of your staff can contribute to increased productivity in your business.

Businesses that actively promote increased staff wellbeing have greater engagement and retention levels. APC has developed a program that can help you improve the financial wellbeing of your staff and in doing so enhance engagement of your most important asset.

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