APC provides personalised financial solutions that take into account all aspects of your financial life and offer guidance to you and family groups when making important financial decisions.

We can provide a framework that offers 'clarity' of thought, a sense of 'control' coupled with informed decision making, and the 'confidence' to help you gain a more secure financial future.

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Successful investing means not only capturing risks that generate expected returns but reducing risks that do not.

Avoidable risks include:

  • Holding too few equities
  • Betting on industries or countries
  • Following market predictions
  • Speculating on “information” from rating services


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Concentrated risk is unrewarded in investment portfolios. Diversification is the antidote to many avoidable risks.

Therefore, investment portfolios should be comprehensively diversified across and within asset classes and sub-asset classes.

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Our service is holistic, highly coordinated and integrated but most importantly, personal. We help clients manage their financial resources to achieve ongoing financial and personal wellbeing.


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Observations, opinion, research and links from economists Eugene Fama and Kenneth French.

Australian Market updates, opinion from economist Shane Oliver.

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